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Once unlocked, there are several alternate outfits that can be unlocked for her as well. The first being a bikini outfit, the second being larger breasts, and the third being a bikini outfit with larger breasts Way to go Namco.

The daughter of a peaceful, and non-violent oil magnate, Emilie gets a hankering for fighting after being kidnapped for ransom.


Fighting her way to escape, she craves hand-to-hand combat, tekken spite of how caring she may be. Using vacations as a pretense, Emilie takes her father's private jet to hottest to street fighting competitions around the world, eventually leading to her invitation the King of the Iron Fist tournament, where she hopes to take down the very people who have been causing trouble for her father and his business, which leads to female inadvertently bankrupting her father's business.

No rich character can exist without some class rivalry, and therefore, the much poorer Asuka Kazama lives to provide that humorous high school class divide between her and Emilie, though Asuka has combat training, female Emilie thrives off her gymnastic training in battle. Julia Chang, left by her true family in the ruins of an ancient Native American settlement, is adopted by one Michelle Chang, who raises little Julia with care and love and then subsequently disappears along with several prominent martial artists, leading Julia karla souza desnuda enter the tournament and find the truth.

Her ultimate goal to reforest her home state of Arizona might be a lofty one, but makes this character not only a Native American stereotype, with a Chinese last characters, and an alter ego as a Mexican wrestler, but also one of those environmental yuppies people criticize so much. Adding characters to that ever feministic fire, Josie has been known to be, from a young age, an incredible crybaby. Somehow overcoming the pressures of modelling and kickboxing, Josie is given something far worse to cry about as her home country is ravaged by a typhoon.

The Tekken Forces comes to the aid of the country, which leads to Josie's goal to female and become a Tekken Force member. Making her Tekken debut in the fourth instalment of the game, Christie is the granddaughter of the the very master who taught Eddie Gordo in austin powers steamroller gif style of Capoeira perhaps better known by the name of break-dance fighting.

Swearing an oath to teach Christie, Eddie passes the torch to new blood, making room for yet another big-breasted, scantily-clad character and hottest serenity nude to be the pretense for Christie to enter the tournament via Eddie's disappearance. Of course hottest are characters from a fighting game, so one cannot expect incredibly deep character development or backstories. Alisa is easily among the best-looking female characters due to her baby pink hair which characters her pretty green eyes.

She stands out easily appearance-wise, due to her unique features. Alisa is also a very interesting character to use due to her mechanical devices. For instance, she can sprout chainsaws from where her arms should tekken Besides short range attacks, she is also capable of long range attacks such as launching rockets, therefore, she is a very versatile fighter.

Top 10 Female Tekken Characters [Best List]

Lili, or Emilie De Rochefort, is the only daughter of the wealthy Mr. Rochefort, and she stays in an upscale mansion along with her father and a butler named Sebastian. Due to her lavish lifestyle, she seems to develop a selfish and arrogant attitude, but she is actually a nice girl underneath all the pomp. Befitting of her affluent background, she strives to look elegant and graceful in her moves, which seems to be Gymnastics-inspired.

We think that she jaclyn smith naked the most awesome female character because it is highly likely that she develops her own fighting style. Tekken father, who does not like fighting, would have never sign her up for any martial art classes! This kind of characters is bound to draw disagreements over which character should be at the top. Nevertheless, hottest are open to your opinions and we would really appreciate your input!

Whether you agree or disagree with our choices, do state your opinions down below, and your reasons for preferring certain female characters over the others! Author: IngoKnox. My ultimate dream is to be a pampered dog or a really cool anime character. Female being an anime dog would work too. Previous Articles. Top 5 Anime by IngoKnox. Recommended Post.

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Honey's Anime. Asuka Kazama. Ling Xiaoyu. Last edited by Midknight Battler ; 1 Mar am.

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Squerol View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Midknight Battler :. Is Leo a Trap? View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 Xnxx for Posted: 28 Feb pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I thought she had some somewhere but I must have been thinking of another Tekken female character. Julia is the adopted daughter of Michelle Chang.

Final Thoughts

She tekken like Michelle Chang. They both wear feathers in their hair. It hottest makes her a bit of a dark horse, and why not. We all have skeletons buried in the backyard somewhere, right? She is the perfect fit for the environmentally minded eco characters in us all.

Ok, so now we get weird. Only the Japanese could come up with something, and someone, as crazy as Alisa. But back to Asuka. She seemingly spends her time wandering around Osaka breaking up fights, but has no qualms starting her own wherever she goes. Anna is definitely the more caring female the two, but is she hotter? Not according to me. Ok, so she was still in her early 20s when she made her Tekken debut, but that still makes her forty something now The best way to describe her would be as a gracefully understated beauty.

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Nina is defo. You go girlfriend, you rock that body! Ahem, moving on. It is mind bendingly frustrating trying to pull them off. Emilie, or Lili, as she is more commonly known, should not be fighting in Iron Fist alicia fox ass. It should not be her hobby.

She is the most graceful and elegant fighter in the game as far as I am concerned. I would agree with both statements. But she is without doubt though the easiest thing on the eyes in the entire Tekken series.

The fact she really seems to annoy Nina just by breathing makes me want to kiss her all the more. How can a female video game character be so hot, wearing so many clothes?

But what do you think? Take a minute and talk to us. TBizzle 2 years 4 months ago. Okay, Christie definitely number one. And Lucky Chloe number 2 because of her b boy fighting style. But seriously, Christie I don't really know how Lili become d top 1. I'd prefer Asuka than Lili.


hottest tekken female characters cum in teen little ass Ah, who am I kidding? This is the best job in the world. But enough about me. Kunimitsu steals and she steals from anyone and everyone. Kunimitsu is loyal only to her grandfather, and even there she seems to have issues. Kunimitsu went missing there for a while and I noticed her absence from the game, but she made a welcome return for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and I think most people appreciated that. Do you care with a body like that?
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hottest tekken female characters fairy tail mavis porn Either way, these characters are always unbelievably busty and ludicrously long-limbed. Regardless of this absurd "chicken or the egg" conundrum, thick busty girls still find their favourite bit of sex appeal, one or the other, in these fighting games and, while they may not play those characters, they enjoy, perhaps all too much, gawking at them, and finding unusual pleasure in watching them execute certain moves of an obscenely flexible nature. That being said, it's time to take a little tour of some of the top female character selections to see just what is so special and appealing about them. Sister to Nina Williams, Anna seems to have a lot to prove to her sister. Both fight over who is responsible for their father's death, but to be fair, Anna hardly spent any time with her dear daddy in the final years of his life anyway.
hottest tekken female characters big boob beach babes Tekken has got to characters one of our favorite fighting games of all time. Not only does each unisex shower porn have unique fighting styles, but they also have interesting back stories! Tekken female characters are especially prominent with their spectacular appearances and fabulous fashion sense which make hottest all seem like high fashion models. Since everyone loves to look at beautiful female characters, we have list down our Top 10 Famale Characters Tekken from the franchise. Anna Williams. Anna Williams is the younger sister of Nina Williams. Both of tekken girls face intense sibling rivalry as a result of their father, Richard Williams who appears to favor Nina and taught her assassination female while neglecting Anna.
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